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Are you looking for an opportunity to meet selected upcoming Nanotechnology business opportunities?

Then the NanoCom Investors Forum is what you are looking for!


Proposal Submission

9th December 2011

Proposal Selection

12th-22nd December 2011

Selection Announcement

23rd December 2011

Investors Forum

23rd May 2012

(Lausanne, Switzerland)


What is the Investors Forum?

Within the framework of FP7 NanoCom we are organising a Nanotechnology Investors Forum in Spring 2012. The specific aim of this forum is to present to selected investors (Business Angels, Venture Capitalists) specific investment opportunities based on nanotechnologies. The forum is a European initiative aimed at facilitating the path to success for spin-offs or start-ups where development has been part funded by a public organisation (European, national, regional). This initiative is also supported by other European nanotechnology related networks and platforms. For more information on EU Nano related networks please visit the NANOfutures platform.

The forum will be held at the Swiss Nano Convention in May 2012. This 3-day event is one of the most important events in nanotechnologies and will bring together the main players in nanotechnologies, allowing participants in the Investors Forum to network and develop partnerships.

For further information visit the Swiss Nano Convention website or download the Investors Forum Flyer (Investors Forum Flyer.pdf). Make sure you register by 30th April 2012!

What are we considering?

The Investors Forum will bring together a mix of projects which involve:

  1. Early stage or more mature business opportunities using nanotechnologies.

  2. Full or part funding of the technology by a public organisation (European, national, regional).

The applications deadline has passed and no further cases are being considered. All applicants have now been informed of the outcome of their submission by the selection committee.

Successful Projects

17 companies from across Europe have been selected to present at the Investors Forum.

  1. RMP (NO)

  2. Orthox (UK)

  3. Eulitha (CH)

  4. Technoorg Linda (HU)

  5. ICN (ES)


  7. Osmotex (CH)

  8. IBEC (ES)

  9. WISE (IT)

  10. Innovnano (PT)

  11. QID (IT)

  12. NAMOS (DE)

  13. SwissLitho (CH)

  14. ThunderNIL Technology (IT)

  15. Yflow (ES)

  16. Ananas Nanotech (IT)

Further information on the individual companies can be found in Investors Forum Flyer.pdf.

Finally, for those projects which have been selected...

... you will receive advice from business experts who will help you prepare on how to successfully present your business opportunity to investors. Face-to-face meetings will be planned between the investors and entrepreneurs.


Do not hesitate to contact Bernat Palou at Innobridge.


Innobridge SA

Dominique Lauper

+41 78 734 10 42

Bernat Palou

+41 79 686 02 16

Selection Committee

Enzo Sisti

Veneto Nanotech S.C.p.A.

Jos Cenens

NineSigma Europe BVBA

Vito Lambertini

Centro Ricerche Fiat

Ladislav Torcik

NanoTrade s.r.o.

Programme Highlights

  1. 17 European early stage business opportunities

  2. Face-to-Face Meetings between the entrepreneurs and investors

  3. Nanotechnology specific keynote speeches from international speakers